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The world's leading international event for senior and aspiring Administrative Professionals and Executive Assistants returns to London for the sixth time in March 2018.

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Chelsea Harbour Hotel

16 & 17 March


12 World Class Speakers

Limited Tickets Available


Featuring TWELVE of the most inspiring and internationally renowned trainers for the Administrative Profession.

Speaker 10

RoseMarie Terenzio

Public Relations and Strategic Communications Expert & John F. Kennedy, Jr.’s former Chief of Staff

Read RoseMarie's Biog
Speaker 9

Cynthia Thomsen

Executive Assistant to the CEO of Microsoft

Read Cynthia's Biog
Speaker 7

Geoff Richards

Former England Women’s Rugby Coach

Read Geoff's Biog
Speaker 1

Kemetia Foley

Administrative Leader & Office Renegade

Read Kemetia's Biog
Speaker 2

Marie Herman

Leading US Trainer

Read Marie's Biog
Speaker 3

Chrissy Scivicque

Award-winning Writer, Certified Career Coach and Corporate Trainer

Read Chrissy's Biog
Speaker 4

Shelagh Donnelly

Founder and Publisher of Exceptional EA

Read Shelagh's Biog
Speaker 5

Ayanna Castro

Chief Maven and Founder of Work Your Package

Read Ayanna's Biog
Speaker 6

Andrea Macarie

Multi Award-Winning EA & Senior EA to the CEO of Telefonica Alpha

Read Andrea's Biog
Speaker 8

Dinah Liversidge

Daydream Achiever, Entrepreneur, Mentor and International Speaker

Read Dinah's Biog
Speaker 11

Colette Carlson

Human Behaviour Expert & Member of CPAE Speaker Hall Fame

Read Colette's Biog
Speaker 12

Lucy Brazier

Your host, CEO & Publisher of Executive Secretary Magazine

Read Lucy's Biog


  • Amplify Your Voice Through the Power and Potential of Storytelling - Half Day Masterclass - Kemetia Foley: Administrative Leader & Office Renegade

    Come on an important journey to learn more about the power and potential of storytelling.
    • Honour the history of storytelling.
    • Understand the differences: Why storytelling, speaking to a group, telling jokes, and telling stories with a moral are not the same thing!
    • Learn the process for getting to the story you want to tell, and understand why you want to tell it.
    • Gain confidence by narrowing your narrative
    • Build public speaking strengths in a collaborative and safe storytelling setting
    At the end of this session, we’ll allow for opportunities to get immediate feedback in a safe setting.

    You've written your story. Now speak it. Share it.

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  • Networking Lunch

  • The Assistant's Guide to Conflict Resolution - Half Day Masterclass - Marie Herman: Leading US Trainer

    We’ll cover:
    • Three areas of contention that people don’t even realize they are fighting over
    • The inherent intentions and assumptions we may unknowingly bring to the conversation and how we can change our behaviour to get more positive results
    • Using honest self-evaluation to identify the role that we play in escalating conflict
    • Approaches to prevent conflicts in the first place
    • Five different methods of addressing conflict and when they are appropriate
    • Overcoming resistance while trying to implement change
    • Building effective teams that will reach their goals sooner
    • Preventing common group conflict issues (and their opposite issues!)
    • Positive ways to give constructive feedback to get the results you want and salvage damaged relationships

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  • Welcome - Lucy Brazier

  • The Proactive Partner: How to Anticipate Your Executive’s Needs - Chrissy Scivicque: Award-winning writer, certified career coach and corporate trainer

    Executives routinely cite “anticipation of needs” as one of the most important skills for assistants. But how do you do that? You’re not a mind reader!

    Learning to be proactive is the solution. Whether you realize it or not, there are very specific steps you can take to figure out exactly what your executive needs before he or she even knows. With just a few simple tools, you can learn to predict next steps and take action early. This vital skillset will help you establish a more powerful and productive partnership with your executive.

    In this session, you will learn…
    • The 6 essential components for building the Proactive Skillset
    • Simple proactive practices to better predict, plan and prepare for the future, and prevent problems along the way
    • How to stay two steps ahead of your executive and become an indispensable part of his or her success.

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  • Cybersecurity:  How to Take the Lead in Risk Mitigation for Admin. Professionals - Shelagh Donnelly: Founder and Publisher of Exceptional EA

    Whatever your sector, there are three types of organisations: those that have been hacked, those that have been hacked but don’t yet know it, and those that have yet to be hacked.

    With this in mind, effective boards and management teams are paying attention to cybersecurity. Well managed organisations have begun including cybersecurity on their risk registers, and make a point of identifying and implementing risk mitigation strategies. This particular area of risk must be on the radar for every proactive admin. professional. Employees are often among a company’s greatest assets, but they also represent vulnerabilities when it comes to cybercrime. This becomes all the more pertinent when you learn that Executive Assistants are specifically targeted by cyber criminals. Understanding criminals’ strategies and motivations for committing cyber attacks will help admin. professionals contribute to risk mitigation.

    With her engaging and pragmatic style, Shelagh will equip you with an understanding of why cybersecurity is such a buzz word, how it’s relevant to an organisation’s ability to deliver on its strategic plan, and why EAs are targeted. You'll return to your office with an understanding of cybersecurity terminology, and an awareness of how social engineering is used to target employees. Most importantly, you'll be prepared to implement proactive measures that can benefit you and your colleagues.

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  • Work Your Package: Using What You Already Have To Be Extraordinary - Ayanna Castro: Chief Maven and Founder of Work Your Package

    Are you listening to your intuition when faced with tough decisions? Are you surrounding yourself with people who encourage you to be extraordinary? Do you have a plan for where you want to go and what you want to do? External influences can make you feel like you need to do and be more when you already have everything inside of you to be extraordinary. In this inspirational session, Ayanna will share strategies on how to embrace being the “total package” by:
    • Listening to the “little birdie” - following your intuition to make better decisions
    • Having a personal board of directors - surrounding yourself with people who push you to do better
    • Managing your 168 - recognising what's really keeping you from doing what needs to be done
    • Creating a mind-mapped action plan - see your goals in a different way to create a better strategy to achieve them

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  • Networking Break

  • Learn to Change, Change to Learn - Andrea Macarie: Multi Award-Winning EA & Senior EA to the CEO of Telefonica Alpha

    According to recent studies published by world-renowned consultancy firms, in the last decade organizational change has become a permanent feature in the corporate landscape. Our brains, most of the times on a cozy autopilot, struggle to cope with the transition this process involves. In this interactive session, we will see organizational change from a different angle, embracing the opportunities it brings for our professional growth towards a business partner role. It all starts with us: to influence and lead others, we need to understand and lead ourselves first. Self-leadership enables us to cope with stress, tackle difficult conversations and be more self-aware and self-confident. We will connect the dots between past, present and future through a series of thought-provoking activities.

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  • The Strength of Team – Lessons for World Class Performance - Geoff Richards: Former England Women’s Rugby Coach

    As Assistants you are uniquely placed to lead your whole team to victory. Aside from the fact that collaborative teamwork and resourcing are great leadership attributes, they also ensure cross-pollination of skills, knowledge and expertise.

    With 52% of Assistants now managing two or more staff, an understanding of how to best lead and work in a team is crucial to the role. Successful teamwork brings about a change that we can all take credit for and, as quoted by Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

    As a former international rugby player and coach, Geoff has a vast in-depth knowledge of the components that are necessary in order to produce and maintain successful teams. His ability to quickly develop rapport and trust with individuals allows him to produce an effective and sustained learning environment.

    In this session, Geoff will explore
    • How to plan for team success
    • What makes a champion team
    • What makes a team gel
    • What can business learn from sport

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  • Networking Lunch

  • No-Box-Thinking - Dinah Liversidge: Daydream Achiever, Entrepreneur, Mentor and International Speaker

    How often have you been asked to “think outside the box” in your role?  What if all this does is limit your options and limit your ability to see the really exciting possibilities? Dinah will take you on a journey of discovery, to a place where your choices, your creativity, and your approach to finding solutions, is not limited by any box.  We’ll look at how much of what we do is restricted by the limitations we buy into on a daily basis, and how you can change that pattern to allow yourself to experience real no-box- thinking.  With practical tips, actions you can take straight away, and experiences I’ll share that give you the confidence to embrace the possibilities, we’ll break down some long-held limiting beliefs and explore what your goals and aspirations, challenges and frustrations might look like from this new perspective.

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  • The Power of the Partnership - Cynthia Thomsen: Executive Assistant to the CEO of Microsoft

    In this empowering session, Cynthia will reveal the lessons learned on her journey working alongside one of the world's most successful business leaders, and how she has built an unbreakable partnership with the man who restored Microsoft to relevance and changed not only its business strategy, but its culture as well.

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  • Networking Break

  • Crisis Management - RoseMarie Terenzio: Public Relations and Strategic Communications Expert & John F. Kennedy, Jr.’s Chief of Staff from 1994 until his death in 1999

    Assistants are often on the front line when their Principal or business is embroiled in a crisis. In this session, one of the world's top Crisis Management experts will give critical advice and strategic insight on crisis management for businesses and individuals. RoseMarie will give a behind-the- scenes look at some of the most high-profile crisis cases in the US as well as talking about her time with JFK Jr and how you manage the brand of a living legend, both before and after their death. From political scandals to sexual abuse and harassment, this intense, media-driven session will give you the fundamental tools to manage and execute a successful crisis response campaign.

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  • KEYNOTE: The Power of Connected Conversations - Colette Carlson: Human Behaviour Expert, Keynote Speaker & Member of CPAE Speaker Hall Fame

    Do you really know how you come across to others, especially when you are under pressure to produce? Do you consistently reflect on how your thoughts, words and actions affect others, or are you simply charging ahead trying to meet and exceed expectations? Your answer is tied to your current connection building capacity, which directly impacts your ability to lead, influence and impact others. Those who operate with thoughtful self-reflection and choose their words wisely build deeper, engaging relationships that drive productivity, revenue, and results. Get ready to laugh out loud and make a positive, lasting impact on everyone you meet by learning how to:
    • Awaken your awareness to develop healthy, productive relationships
    • Achieve alignment to increase your authenticity, credibility, and influence
    • Employ clear, sincere communication to increase trust and connection

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    We understand your role:

  • We know your role is to make the person you look after as effective as they can possibly be.
  • We know your workload is huge and you want to know how to be more efficient and productive.
  • We know that since the recession, you have taken on many of the middle management tasks but have never had training in how to do them properly.
  • We know that you are in a unique position in your company as the "go to" person who solves all problems.
  • We know that you are becoming more of a "strategic business partner" than the stereotypical Assistant and that your businesses need you to increase your business knowledge.

  • That is why we have put this unique programme together for you. No other programme combines real business solutions that you will take back to the office and implement immediately to improve your systems and productivity, the best tips & tricks that you will ever receive on how to use Microsoft Office products most effectively and a huge dose of inspiration that will reconnect you with your role and what can be achieved for you and your business as a world class Assistant.

FAQ & Benefits of Attending

If you only attend one event this year, then this is the event you should attend.

12 world-class speakers are flying in not just to motivate and inspire you, but to provide essential training that will boost your knowledge, skills and productivity.

Included with your ticket are two days of:
• Intensive, practical workshops
• Best practice skills & advice from trainers who support world leaders
• Leadership & development training
• Opportunities to build your network with business contacts and top-suppliers
• Training acknowledged by a certificate upon completion

Delegates will leave the event with a plethora of practical tips, as well as immediately actionable ideas to increase productivity and impress. But above all, we want to inspire you to go back to your businesses and use what you have learned to add new dimensions to your role. CLICK HERE to Book Now.

  • Request PDF Brochure

    Just email and we will send a PDF brochure that you can put in front of your Executive or HR department to help make the case for you, and your fellow Assistants to attend.

    Please note that if you buy three tickets, you get the fourth for free.

    We also offer special group rates for more than 12 Assistants. For more details please email
  • What will I learn?

    Executive Secretary LIVE will give you a unique opportunity to learn from the best. You will discover proven timesaving techniques that will free up your time to make you more productive. You will implement effective strategies to align your role and the business’s needs in ways that will reduce costs and improve performance.

    The content of this event directly supports making smarter use of your resources (people, process & technology) to deliver higher quality service. It is extremely good value for the level of intensive education.

    Practical presentations that will highlight best practice, current research findings and advanced approaches from the world’s top industry experts and thought leaders for Administrative Professionals.

    Discover the latest products, meet new suppliers and encounter some great services in the exhibition area - including the bookstore and book signing sessions with the authors who are presenting.

    You will receive a Delegate Pack to take away, packed with workbooks, presentations and useful information to support the topics covered over the two days, which can be brought back to the office and shared with your peers. 98% of last year’s attendees in London said the delegate pack was exceptional or excellent.
  • Travel

    Please note that for those that want to take part, and spend quality time in London, we will organise tours and networking events from Wednesday evening, so you may want to take that into account when booking flights.

    Travel is self-arranged, but as we bring business partners on board, we will keep you updated of travel information where possible.

  • Accommodation

    We have agreed a special rate for delegates wishing to stay at The Chelsea Harbour Hotel, London.

    The Chelsea Harbour Hotel is a 5-star, suite only hotel. We have a special rate of just £170 per room, per night for delegates attending Executive Secretary LIVE. The room can be arranged in twin or double occupancy.

    To book your accommodation at our preferential rate please phone the hotel directly +44 (0) 20 7823 3000, or email and quote the reference “MARP160318”.

    We also have alternative accommodation, located at the prestigious Millennium & Copthorne Hotels at Chelsea Football Club, which is just 8 minute walk from The Chelsea Harbour Hotel, where Executive Secretary LIVE will be held. We have a preferential rate of just £110 for single occupancy, or £122 for double occupancy, including breakfast.

    To book accommodation at our preferential rate please phone the hotel directly +44 (0) 2034 793565, or email and quote the reference “ExecSec-18”.


Get connected and join an elite network of senior Assistants from all over the globe.

The audience that attends this event is unique. They are truly international and are some of the most senior Assistants in the world.

At last year's London event we had delegates from 25 different countries, with Assistants travelling from as far away as New Zealand, Uganda, Brazil, the USA & Russia.

A full list of networking events will be made available soon.

Please note that we organise tours on Wednesday and Thursday as well as an informal dinner on Friday night and our Gala Dinner on Saturday night so if you want to part of any of this, you might want to organise your travel arrangements accordingly.


The Chelsea Harbour Hotel

London’s only 5* all-suite hotel, set in front of tranquil waters, offering fine cuisine, a rejuvenating spa and panoramic views which will define your stay.

With breath-taking views over the Chelsea Harbour Marina and the River Thames, this all-suite hotel boasts a central yet secluded location. Just a stone’s throw away from some of the capital’s most vibrant attractions, Chelsea Harbour brings the ambience of riverside life to a city that’s always alive. Featuring a fully-serviced spa and health club facilities, attentive service and 158 luxury suites and penthouses – the team at The Chelsea Harbour Hotel take care of the little details, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying your stay.

We have a special rate of just £170 per room, per night for delegates attending Executive Secretary LIVE. The room can be arranged in twin or double occupancy.

To book your accommodation at our preferential rate please phone the hotel directly +44 (0) 20 7823 3000, or email and quote the reference “MARP160318”.

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  • Gaucho

    Gaucho restaurants serve quality beef from the Pampas of Argentina offering events, masterclasses and table bookings within a truly glamorous setting.

    At Gaucho we treat Assistants to the same meticulous attention that we provide for your Executives, building relationships on the great experiences you have in our restaurants. We don’t just offer one-off introductions, our PA Club scheme offers opportunities to get to know us and our teams, network, be the first to sample our menus, taste new drinks and see upgraded features before anyone else…

    We know how hard you work, and we want you to experience the same treatment that your Executives do, because after all, you arrange their fun, but who arranges yours?

    Let Gaucho look after you, like you look after your teams.
  • Pitman Training

    Pitman Training has led the way for growth in development and efficiency within the workplace since 1837, when Sir Isaac Pitman invented shorthand. Now celebrating its 180th Anniversary, the business continues to develop to incorporate modern technologies and advances, whilst remaining true to the heritage of the brand. The key focus of the business is to arm students with the skills they need to progress their careers and get the jobs they want.

    Specialists in Office, Administration, Project Management, Marketing, IT, Finance and Business skills; Pitman Training offers a flexible approach to training – whether you’re looking to change careers, get to grips with new software, enhance your skillset for promotion or looking to refresh your skills ahead of returning to work after a career break, Pitman Training Course Advisors work with you to find a tailor-made solution to meet your training needs.
  • Betty's

    Unique corporate gifts by Bettys

    What better way to say thank you to your clients, partners or customers than a unique, luxury treat from Bettys?

    Since we were founded in 1919, we've devoted ourselves to doing things beautifully – from the quality ingredients used in our Craft Bakery to our careful sourcing of the world's best teas and coffees.

    We think you'll be just as impressed by the impeccable standards of our corporate services.

    Choose from our luxurious range of hampers, gift boxes, cakes, chocolates and other irresistible treats.

    And whether you're looking for employee rewards, corporate gifts or sales incentives, we’ll find the perfect match from our collection of beautiful, delicious products.

    To place an order, or make an enquiry, call our dedicated Corporate Team, on 0845 600 1919
  • Travo

    TRAVO is a free trip planning tool designed specifically for administrative professionals. Our tool saves you time, money, and your sanity! Traveler profiles put you in the driver's seat and save preferences, loyalty points, and payment information for instant trip creation.

    Exclusive corporate rates provide discounts of up to 30% off publicly available rates. Communication tools remove the need for inefficient email chains. Best of all, TRAVO is completely free! For more information and priority access to this revolutionary tool visit
  • City Apartments

    City Apartments: the City of London specialists.

    Established in 1999 with 200 serviced apartments exclusively for business travellers. We provide the highest levels of service, finest quality apartments, most comprehensive services and facilities, all within a short walk to our guests’ office.

    Our ethos is simple: to exceed expectations!
  • IAAP

    IAAP is a not-for-profit professional association and exists to provide education, certification, and leadership development to administrative professionals. Our purpose is to enhance the value that office and administrative professionals bring to the table and advocate for the profession as it evolves to encompass the role of not just business partners but also leaders.
  • IMA International Management Assistants

    We are a global and high quality network of management support professionals. Two of our main aims are the personal and professional development of our members and the continued evolution of the management support profession.

    Our Association has been founded in 1974 as European Association for Professional Secretaries (EAPS) by Sonia Vanular. In 1999 the members decided to rename the Association to European Management Assistants (EUMA) and in 2016 to change to IMA - International Management Assistants, considering the huge changes of our profession and the business world and to get prepared for the future.

    Our Association distinguishes itself from others with its international dimension. Our members have access to a professional network which encompasses a vast range of business cultures, languages and lifestyles, but also provides a place where everyone is on common ground in a safe and proactive environment. We are currently represented in more than 25 countries.

    Our Association is a self-development organization with no political aims and no trade-union activities.

    English is the official language of our Association.

    Our Vision and Mission Statement

    Be the leading international network of management support professionals

    • by providing high quality development training
    • by promoting knowledge sharing
    • by encouraging interaction among the members
    • by monitoring the development of our profession
    • by speaking up for the profession
  • Isipho Admin Bursary

    Isipho Admin Bursary is a registered NPC 2015/438143/08 registered officially in South Africa on the 08/12/2015. We are not government funded but are supported by administrative professionals and training companies from around the world financially. We are a team who are committed to leaving a legacy!

    Our bursary is now in year two and we have already made an impact. Our goals is to change lives one at a time. We want to create spectacular careers by not only funding education for deserving bursary students but to support them with mentoring, coaching and on the job training experiences.

    We already have some amazing companies who will be hosting our students for work experience weeks and we will be preparing our students for working life by assisting with CV's, interviewing skills and introducing them to networks and people they would not normally have access to.

    This project is not just about the money, it is transferring real world skills and guiding our students into the world of work!
  • ES Training International

    Whether you are looking to attend a course, trying to find a trainer to come and run a programme in-house or you need a speaker/speakers for an event, we know and can recommend the best trainers & speakers for Assistants on the circuit. We have personally seen all the trainers that we recommend live, so you can rest assured that we can match you and your requirements with the speaker that suits you best.



    The groundbreaking, globally recognised, certified training programme for the modern day EA. This intensive & interactive programme will give you the business acumen needed to support an Executive at the highest level. Share experiences, learn and network with your international peers in London, Zurich, Manchester and more locations all over the world this year (also available in-house). Request the brochure, business case template and full details today.




Here are just a few comments from previous events:

What can I say? Top speakers, top organization, top team :-)

It is one of the more expensive conferences when you consider travel & accommodation over and above the cost of the conference. However, that being said, if my company didn't fund future years I would certainly endeavor to pay for it myself as I think this conference is a must attend event in terms of what delegates get out of it.

Having attended last year's Conference, I knew this year's would be wonderful - and it was. I was expecting the best - and it delivered.

I have never felt more motivated about my role. I am now proud to be an EA and will give the best I can to do an amazing job.

Absolutely the best value for money PA event there is.

I was promised awesome and it was awesome.

I got home full of energy and motivation meeting not only high-class speakers but also many inspiring ladies within my profession.

I gained more confidence, I learned so many things, I met so many great people that I'm now coaching my peers!

After attending Executive Secretary LIVE, I can say that I've been OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE and I LIKE IT SOOOO MUCH!!!

Executive Secretary in the Press

We’ve picked up media interest from our campaigns to bring the role of the Assistant to the forefront of businesses across the globe. Here is a selection of some of our global media coverage which is actively assisting in shattering the stereotypes that surround the role.


or for any further information or assistance please contact us
Email or Phone +44 (0)1932 560974


Email or Phone +44 (0)1932 560974

Contact us for help in obtaining authorisation to attend Executive Secretary LIVE, including:
The ‘Business Case to Attend’ template
The benefits of attending as a group and bringing your team
Articles on how to encourage your company to pay for training
Learning objectives template